Pernah denger grup musik gado2 jepang-canada Monkey Majik ngga?

Sejak gw denger lagunya yang berjudul Around The World (album :Thank You, Single : Around The World /2006) di channel [V] Chinese, grup itu menjadi favorite gw banget.
Taken from Wikipedia,

Monkey Majik is a rock band of Japan. The band consists of guitarists/vocalists Maynard and Blaise Plant, brothers who sing in Japanese and English; drummer Takuya “tax” Kikuchi (????, Kikuchi Takuya?); and bassist DICK. The Plant brothers originally hail from Canada. Though most of famous Japanese singers and bands live in Tokyo, they still live in Sendai which is about 350km away from Tokyo.

Their first release was an EP called TIRED, a self-financed release limited to 1,000 copies which was available at Tower Records in Sendai. Their first single was “fly” in 2006. It was a commercial success and was followed by their second single, “Around the World”, which peaked at number 4 in the Japanese Oricon top 200 singles chart.

The band is named after a song by Godiego called “Monkey Magic”. Maynard Plant, who speaks proficient Japanese, came to Japan in 1997 to teach English after graduating from Queen’s University where he was president of the Alma Mater Society. Blaise was a solo musician in Canada before he moved to Japan in 2000.



  • TIRED May 13, 2002
  • SPADE September 24, 2003
  • Lily February 9, 2005
  • Get Started April 13, 2005
  • PREMIUM BOX July, 2005
  • eastview September 21, 2005
  • BEST 2000 – 2005 March 8, 2006
  • thank you May 24, 2006
  • Sora wa Maru de (?????, Sora wa Maru de?) July 25, 2007


  • fly January 18, 2006
  • Around The World February 22, 2006 Tie-up with TV drama Saiyu-ki. 62nd highest selling single of 2006 (in Japan) with 164,299 copies sold
  • Futari (???, Futari

    ?) October 4, 2006 Featured song for the film “Yoru no pikunikku” (???????, Yoru no pikunikku”?)

  • Picture Perfect February 7, 2007 Collaboration with m-flo
  • Sotsugyo-, soshite mirai e.

    (??????????, Sotsugyo-, soshite mirai e.

    ?) March 14, 2007 Collaboration with SEAMO

  • Change April 25, 2007 Collaboration with Yoshida Brothers
  • MONKEY MAJIK x MONKEY MAGIC June 27, 2007 Cover of “Monkey Magic” by Godiego. Tie-up with movie, “Saiyuki”.
  • Together (new singles)

Buat yang penasaran mau tau lebih lanjut tentang grup satu ini…cobain denger satu lagunya dari youtube. ini lagu fav gw banget dari mereka.

Picture Perfect (with M-flo)


Title: Picture Perfect

Artist: Monkey Majik

Album: Sora wa Marude

Year: 2007

All the time that you were standing by my side

She’s that picture perfect kind

I can’t believe I was so blind

Do you remember the time

You know I stepped across that line

I made you cry and that’s my crime

I wish that I could just rewind

It’s the evening, and you’ve been complaining

About our situation and all my deceiving

I know that everything is going slow

And if you want to feel better

I can tell you that it’s going to be great

Yeah it’s going to be good

Oh! But I would be lying to you

But these days, I’m changing

Meeting new faces

Now how am I supposed to be?

My feelings for you seem to be changing

Looking back, don’t look back on me


Inakute mo ii I wanted to be FREE

Inaku natte mo ii I wanted her to LEAVE

It’s kind of hard to see… when the WORLD tunnel-visioned me

Motometeta ai no katachi

They say BELIEVE in what you can’t SEE

Demo mawari no CANDY ga SWEET de HARD to THINK

Atama de wa COMPREHEND shite mo koudou ni utsusen

My eyes on the rikutsu, the TRUTH’s here LISTEN

CHASE shite mo CHASE shite mo things keep FLEETING

Henna yumemite ta I must have been SLEEPING

Tooku samayou maeni chikaku wo SEEK IT

Yoku mite mireba kokoro ni wa BEACON

Of LIGHT sashite?sagashite ta thing’s HERE

Omotta yori NEAR, close to your HEMISPHERE

Imade wa CLEAR 20/20 cuz I’mma SHARE

Subete and I don’t CARE if they think I’m WEIRD

There there nobody thinks you’re weird

Ya see, I’ve been through it all before

And the same thing happened to me

Kinishi nai “wounds heal with time”

But in the meanwhile…

I’ll show you what I mean

Let’s think of it another way

Everything we do and say defines who we are

As we live out each day

What we did was wrong at the time

But it helps us go back and rewind

It’s a mistake but it ain’t no crime

Kasanariau no sa tsumari sore ga ai

I said goodbye

I didn’t know that it would all turn out this way

But now I know

I realise

And I can learn from my mistakes


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