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Google For Free Comic Books

Most comics on the internet have a .cbr or .cbz extension for use with a digital comic reader like CDisplay (Windows) or FFView (MacOS). However you can decompress the files and read them in any image viewer. Simply rename the cbr extension to rar or the cbz extension to zip and decompress with an application such as 7-Zip or WinRAR.

To look for these files, use these searches:

Google: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics cbr
or -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics cbz

The extension is sometimes left alone and kept as a rar or zip file.

To look for these files, use these searches:

Google: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics rar
or -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” comics zip

For title specific searches, substitute the title for the word comics in your search.

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” spider-man cbr
and -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” “Last modified” simpsons cbr

While some directories will only contain a few comics, there are others that will keep you reading for weeks and weeks.

Google Search Esnips For Free Videos Music Ebooks

eSnips is a large social content sharing site that gives its members 5GB each of storage space to upload whatever they want. These files include music, ringtones, videos, ebooks, comics, programs, magazines and much more. By using Google, you can check to see what others have posted for download.

eSnips tags files by there filetype, so including the file extension in the query narrows the search results.

To look for music files, use this:

Google: site:esnips.com mp3|ogg|wma

or for a specific artist, try:

Google: site:esnips.com mp3|ogg|wma Gorillaz

Since eSnips uses an embedded music player to play music, Firefox comes in quite handy in locating the mp3 file once you get to the page. Once you have opened the page that contains the desired music file, follow these steps:

1. Go to Firefox’s menu bar, click Tools and select Page Info.

2. When the Page Info window appears, select the Media tab.

3. Scroll down the list until you find an address that starts with /nsdoc/. This is the address to the music file. Right-click the address and select Copy.

4. Open a new tab in Firefox. In the address bar, type http://www.esnips.com, then paste the copied address in after it.

5. When the file download window appears, select the Save to Disk radio button and click OK.

To search for video files, try:

Google: site:esnips.com asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv

or for a specific title, try:

Google: site:esnips.com asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv “family guy”

Most video files are compressed, so they are easily downloaded. Some smaller ones may be embedded in the page. To download these videos, use the method described above for downloading music files.

To search for eBooks:

Google: site:esnips.com pdf|lit|doc ebook

for comics:

Google: site:esnips.com pdf|cbr|cbz comics

and for archives and programs:

Google: site:esnips.com rar|zip|exe

Google: Search for Free Comic Books on Online Storage Services

Searching for comic books on the internet can be quite easy if you know what to look for and where to aim your search. Most comics stored on the web have a .cbr or .cbz extension for use with digital comic reader applications such as CDisplay and FFView. These are simply .rar or .zip files that have had their extensions renamed (to cbr and cbz respectively).

One method of searching for comics stored online is to use Google to search the various index pages on the internet. Another great method is to aim Google towards the various online storage services such as Rapidshare and Megaupload.

To look for cbr and cbz files, use a general query, such as:

Google: site:rapidshare.com cbr|cbz (Rapidshare)

Google: site:megaupload.com cbr|cbz (Megaupload)

Google: site:mediafire.com cbr|cbz (MediaFire)

Google: site:gigasize.com cbr|cbz (GigaSize)

You can look for specific titles by including the title name in the query, such as:

Google: site:rapidshare.com cbr|cbz batman (Rapidshare) or

Google: site:gigasize.com cbr|cbz superman (GigaSize)

Another site that can be a good source of comic goodness is the social content sharing site, eSnips.

So go to Google and begin your quest for comic riches.