Happy Halloween!!!

Adam Sandler – Werewolves of London.mp3
Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstein.mp3
Brainchild – Ghost Story.mp3
Cheekyboy – Halloween with Morrissey (Ouija Board).mp3
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song).mp3
Corruption Is King – Creeps are Coming.mp3
Daniel Ash – Spooky (orig).mp3
Danny Elfman – This Is Halloween (orig).mp3
David Bowie – Please, Mr. Gravedigger.mp3
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Nightmare On My Street.mp3
Do They Know It's Halloween.mp3
Five Man Electrical Band – Werewolf.mp3
Gnarls Barkley – The Boogie Monster.mp3
Greenskeepers – Lotion.mp3
Haunted George – Howlin'.mp3
Imogen Heap – Spooky.mp3
Jill Tracy – Evil Night Together.mp3
Ken Page with Ed Ivory – Oogie Boogie's Song.mp3
Kwentin Quisp – The Way Out Mummy.mp3
La Sect Rouge – Zombie Bar-B-Q.mp3
Leslie and the Lys – Zombie Killer.mp3
Matchbook Romance – Monsters.mp3
Panic! At The Disco – This Is Halloween (panic!).mp3
Redneck Dracula.MP3
Screamin' Jay Hawkins – Whistling Past The Graveyard.mp3
Tarantula Ghoul and The Gravediggers – Graveyard Rock.mp3
Ted Cassidy – The Lurch.mp3
The Aquabats! – Fashion Zombies!.mp3
The B-52's – Monster [In My Pants].mp3
The Crewnecks – Rockin' Zombie.mp3
The Darkness – Shit Ghost.mp3
The Fall – There's a Ghost in My House.mp3
The Groovie Ghoulies – Don't Make Me Kill You Again .mp3
The Misfits – Horror Business.mp3
The Moldy Peaches – Little Bunny Foo Foo.mp3
Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead.mp3
White Zombie – I'm Your Boogieman (orig).mp3
Witch Doctor.mp3